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Seattle, WA


ATM Partnerships

Looking to receive a higher % of the ATM fee revenue than is available in one of our placement arrangements? Consider an ATM partnership. It works in much the same way as an ATM placement, with a few notable exceptions: 

  • We place one of our machine at your location at no cost to you, and share 50% of the ATM fees with you. 
  • Your share of the ATM fees will be deposited into your bank account on a daily basis 
  • In exchange for providing 50% of the ATM fees you agree to restock the machine with cash. You will be given a login to an online application that will provide you with real time information on the machine's performance and how much cash is currently in it, including getting text alerts when it is running low. 
  • The funds that are withdrawn from the machine will be reimbursed/deposited back into a bank account of your choosing within two business days, thus allowing you to "recycle" money through the machine. 
  • As with an ATM placement, we will pay for 100% of all support, maintenance and upgrade costs, including 24/7 live person support for the machine. 
  • The machine is fully insured against theft, lost, hacking, property damage and lost revenue due to criminal activity