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Seattle, WA


Convenience Stores

ABS Payment Systems offers a variety of services for convenience & small grocery stores, which can help you generate additional revenue on top of making it easier for to run your business.


ATM Machines: ATM machines will often attract additional customers to your business that often make your store part of their “routine”, as they need to withdraw cash. Another benefit is that industry data shows that a significant % (anywhere from 20-40%) of the money withdrawn will be spent on site.

Our typical arrangement with convenience stores is a partnership arrangement, where we share a % of the revenue with you in exchange for allowing us to place the machine in your store. You can read more about those types of arrangements here.

If you already have an ATM we may have other ways we can help you, as we can take over the day to day management of the machine, including cash services, which frees up not only capital that could be used elsewhere, but allows you to avoid employees or owners having to re-load the machine.

Please contact us for more information.


Bill & Prepaid Cellphone Services

We can enable you to offer your customers the ability to pay a variety of bills and purchase pre-paid cellphone minutes, for which you’ll earn commissions on each transaction.

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Point of Sales Services 

While gas stations have extra time to upgrade to EMV, it’s important to realize that gas stations and convenience stores that sell gas may become targets for credit fraudsters who may not be able to use stolen cards elsewhere.

We’ll soon be offering a point of sales solution that is not only EMV compatible, but will allow you to track sales, profits, inventory and a variety of different taxes in real time. So not only will you be able to meet the EMV security standards, but you’ll have a solution that will make it easier for you to run your business.

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