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Seattle, WA


Free ATM Placements

Whether you need an ATM for your business, or are unhappy with your current arrangement because of a low revenue sharing % or poor quality of service we can help. Our ATM placement arrangements are fairly straightforward: 

  • There is no charge to you; in exchange for allowing us to place an ATM at your place of business we’ll share a % of the ATM fees with you. The higher the transaction volume the higher your % will be. 
  • Your share of the ATM fees will be deposited into your account daily. 
  • You’ll be provided with access to an online application that will allow you to monitor your share of the revenue in real time. 
  • We’ll provide all support for the ATM, including re-stocking the machine with cash; our machines are typically serviced by armored car for extra security and safety. 
  • You’ll have access to 24/7 live person support in case anything goes wrong with the machine.
  • Our machines are fully insured including damage to your property in case anyone tries to steal the machine; we even insurance against loss of revenue if the machine is stolen.
  • All we need for you to provide is a secure space for the machine, power and Internet access; however the last item is optional as we have multiple wireless options available.

In short, in exchange for providing a secure space and a little bit of electricity you get a new revenue stream for your business. It really is that simple. Contact us today to get started.